Dr. Santi Meunier is a practicing Psychotherapist, Writer, Success Coach and the founder of Galactica Institute for Personal Development. She is a Francophile and embraces the French Perspective as an aging women of honor and dignity. For more information please check out www.GalacticaInst.com or call 1 (800) 835-8553.

Yoga Therapy for Addictions
Winter Program: January 24-25, 2013

Event duration 2 days: 7:30-9:00 AM / 9:45 AM-1:30 PM / 2:45-5:30 PM

In this two day intensive workshop we will examine the three-fold nature of addiction and its impact on the body, mind and spirit. Drawing on the information in Santi’s latest book, “Dying for a Drink, The Hidden Epidemic of Alcoholism”, you will learn about the disease of alcoholism, why it is a disease, and the role that genetics, brain chemistry and hormones play in the evolution of the disease. Addiction is always the effect of underlying issues which, when uncovered and addressed can begin the healing process. Participants will learn specific techniques for identifying and working with clients with active addiction, as well as those in long term recovery. This holographic treatment model includes; body reading, body mapping, stress reduction techniques, trauma release, breath work and creative visualization, as well as Raja yoga and yoga therapy techniques for balancing and unlocking blockages in the chakras, the organ meridians and regulatory channels. click here for details and registration

Fearless Living for the Healthcare Professional
January 26-27, 2013
This workshop is open to any serious student of personal growth and liberation. Yoga experience is helpful but not a pre-requisite. It is not necessary to read the Obsidian Trials prior to the workshop. Signed copies will be available at the training or may be ordered at Amazon.com. click here for details and registration

Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living
Part one: $1250 (20 hour course)

Practical Spirituality is a 3-part system of healing and empowering an individual by employing specific tools to: realign the mind, heal the body and contact the spirit.

Realigning the Mind
Emotional balance, discipline, self-evaluation, contemplation, self-knowledge, manifestation principals and truthfulness.

Healing the Body
Conscious eating of foods as well as emotions, stress & time management, body chemistry, healthy self care, body reading and body communication.

Contacting the Spirit
Meditation, prayer, intuitive development, discovering true purpose, evaluating belief system and creative visualization.
(AlphaCentering Meditation training is recommended in conjunction with this course at a special rate of $ 350).

The Fearless Living Program
Part Two: $1250 (20 hour course)
(Practical Spirituality is a Pre-requisite)
Is designed to identify our relationship with fear and all the ways that fear keeps us from realizing our highest good and happiness. As we review the Practical Spirituality core principals and tools we see how fear, if not addressed head on, will be the greatest stumbling block to our success. As long as we are human we are going to have fear. What we do next, when we experience fear, is of the upmost importance. A hero is someone, who does a courageous act in spite of their fear. By learning and practicing the Fearless Living Program you can become the hero in your life.
Circle Healing & Soul Mapping
In 1980 Santi underwent a transformative experience in the Great Pyramid in Egypt which set the course for her entire life. An avid student of yoga since her teens, Santi studied for 10 years with the yoga master, Elisabeth Hatch in Europe and in 1990 graduated from the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy in Massachusetts. After 30+ years of practice and continued study, she has synthesized her healing methodology into what is know as Cosmic Medicine.
Cosmic Medicine is the healing of misalignments in the twelve dimensions of the Soul's energy body. This is accomplished through Circle Healing and Soul Mapping.
Circle Healing uses energy and therapeutic touch to re-align and energize the individual's body, mind and spirit.
Soul mapping is the protocol for the person to follow for continued healing on all levels of consciousness. This “prescription” addresses specific issues and information to follow for healing, growth and transformation of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. The information is taped and detailed maps are draw for the individual to use later for continued healing and integration.
“Santi's intense work reaches in to the very depth of one's soul with precision and clarity. It is a life-changing experience.”

Circle Healing & Soul Mapping cost $425 and is 2 1/2- 3 hours long.

Body Reading & Yoga Therapy
A body reading is a detailed map drawing of the physical body showing where it is holding constrictions and/or misalignments. This is important to understand and correct because over time they can lead to illness, fatigue and poor overall physical and emotional health. What is your body/mind trying to tell you? Understanding the language of the body/mind is essential for optimal health and well being. A full review of what the body is communicating is explained and suggestions for correction are made.
This can include yoga and yoga therapy.

Yoga Therapy is an eight thousand year old science for releasing constrictions, blocks and trauma in the body and the mind. No yoga experience is necessary to experience the benefits of this body/mind therapy. It is often done in conjunction with a full body reading.

Body Reading or Yoga Therapy Sessions are 80 minutes each $175 or can be combined into a 2 hour session for $300


Meditation Training

Alpha Centering is a modern incarnation of an age-old technique, which has it's roots in north central India.
It must be emphasized at the outset that this is a specific, unique, and, in fact, proprietary program.
The term “meditation” means a thousand things to a thousand people; none of them very exciting.
For most people the term conjures up images of vague “visualization” sessions or restless “concentration” exercises, neither of which have a strong record of producing consistent, dramatic or measurable results.
The Alpha Centering technique comes from a tradition that has been extensively documented at major universities throughout the world for it's salutary effect on physical health, psychological health and interpersonal relations.
The structure of the training has been developed over the years to achieve the maximum results in the minimum time.
While it should be born in mind that the initial training is just the beginning of a lifelong process that will unfold uniquely for each individual over time, it is not unusual for some students to notice beneficial results even in the first few days of the course. (typical schedule)

#1. Friday evening:
Introduction/ Registration ( group) 1 -1.5 hours
#2. Saturday morning:
Private instruction by appointment - 1hr
#3. Sunday afternoon:
( group) 1-1.5 hrs
#4. Monday evening:
(group) 1-1.5 hours
#5. 1 to 2 weeks later : (group)
#6. 2 to 3 weeks later; (group)
#7,#8,#9,#10; within 6 months.
Course Fee: $475 (couples: $100 off)
Pre-registration is required.
Student & military discounts available

Teacher Training Courses in AlphaCentering and Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living Program are also available. Call for more details (401) 667-7399 or visit our website at GalacticaInst.com

(Meditation Course)
5 session training for all levels
Discover the Restorative Power of Deep Alpha Meditation for Health, Stress Reduction and Peace of Mind.
Instructor: Christopher B. Curren
(Teaching for over 25 years)

$475.00 Course Fee

(Space is limited. A deposit is required to hold your space)
Please Call 401.667.7399
*Pre-registration is required




Please call for next retreat dates

Led by Dr. Santi Meunier

French women have a secret formula for timeless beauty, sensuality and an engaging style that is hard to resist. From the chic couture fashions of Paris to the understated feminine style of a country lady, French women exude sensuality and confidence regardless of their age.
In France, time slows down, and the timeless quality of life is grounded in their relationships. French women put great value on the wisdom that comes with age and the sexual freedom that stems from loving and accepting your body, and the changes that occur with the years.
Join Santi for a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat in the magnificent Dordogne region of France. Santi will explore women's issues around body image, self esteem, value and fulfillment in the last third of life.
If you are in transition or are facing the challenges that often come in midlife, then we invite you to join us for the French Perspective.


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