"It is not so much what happens to us that matters, but what we do with what happens to us."
Individual Counseling & Healing Work
In her private psychotherapy practice Santi uses a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit. She specializes in healing the traumas of the past, bringing consciousness to the present and creating a future that fulfills one's purpose and mission. She brings 30+ years of experience to her intuitive, energy work, and has helped hundreds of people to heal and empowerment their lives. Success coaching is available to individuals and entrepreneurs helping them to realize and manifest their true purpose.
Circle Healing & Soul Mapping
Santi has synthesized her healing methodology into what is know as Cosmic Medicine.
Cosmic Medicine is the healing of misalignments in the twelve dimensions of the Soul's energy body. This is accomplished through Circle Healing and Soul Mapping.
Circle Healing uses energy and therapeutic touch to re-align and energize the individual's body, mind and spirit.
Soul mapping is the protocol for the person to follow for continued healing on all levels of consciousness. This “prescription” addresses specific issues and information to follow for healing, growth and transformation of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. The information is taped and detailed maps are draw for the individual to use later for continued healing and integration.
Body Reading & Yoga Therapy
A body reading is a detailed map drawing of the physical body showing where it is holding constrictions and/or misalignments. This is important to understand and correct because over time they can lead to illness, fatigue and poor overall physical and emotional health. What is your body/mind trying to tell you? Understanding the language of the body/mind is essential for optimal health and well being. A full review of what the body is communicating is explained and suggestions for correction are made.
This can include yoga and yoga therapy.
Yoga Therapy is an eight thousand year old science for releasing constrictions, blocks and trauma in the body and the mind. No yoga experience is necessary to experience the benefits of this body/mind therapy. It is often done in conjunction with a full body reading.

Hypnotherapy and Yoga Therapy sessions are also available.



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