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Fundraiser for Galactica's
Tibetan Relief Fund
"Tibetan Mind &
Western Heart"

   In the year 1959 one-hundred thousand Tibetan refugees crossed Himalayan Mountains in the South, a familiar direction they have known over a millennium. They escaped to India from the Red Chinese forced invasion of Tibet. They fled with nothing except their dear lives and the few relatives that were fortunate enough to join them.
   Left behind the "iron curtain" were the rest of the seven million Tibetans who couldn't escape. In the next two decades 1.2 million of those succumbed to death through execution, starvation and forced labor in the Labor Camps. Six thousand monasteries were laid to dust. A systematic destruction of the Tibetan race, religion and culture has brought a near annihilation of the civilization of Tibet from the surface of the earth.
   While Tibetan refugees share one of the greatest wisdoms of the world, their very existence remains on the verge of extinction. Efforts by the Tibetan leaders - HH Dalai Lama and HH Sakya Trizin and others - are made less effective by poverty and minimal resources. Three decades of work in exile by Tibetan leaders and followers is but a drop in the bucket.
   Though Tibet survived the worst part of Chinese take over, a surreptitious and seemingly harmless plot to Tibetan life is being imposed by the Chinese: a ruthless and passive suppression which will cause a natural death of Tibetan civilization. They have no intention of building Tibet. Tibetan interest is seen only through the context of Chinese interest. The survival of the Tibetan is left almost entirely to the Tibetans themselves. With a Tibetan mind and a Western heart we could directly confront oppression in an enlightened way. Let us help give them the weapon of modern education they need so much for their nonviolent fight against oppression.
   With minimal financial effort, you can help a Tibetan child to get through his or her high school, finish college, or help them learn a basic skill to make their living. A monthly scholarship of $35 will provide them with board and education. It will enable a child to be one of the few educated Tibetans living in exile or living under the Chinese oppression. Thanks.


Archarya Lama
Pema Wangdak
Vikramasila Foundation
Palden Sakya Centers
289 Brookside Avenue
Cresskill, NJ 07626
email: sangye@aol.com

Archarya Lama
Guru Gyaltsen
Pema Ts'al School
PO Tibetan Colony, Mundgod
Distt. Karwar, 581411
Karnataka State, India
Tel:08301.345769, 545451
The Galactica Relief Fund has been established to assist people from all religions and nationalities who are being persecuted for their spiritual beliefs. 100 percent of all proceeds from this exhibit will be sent to Tibetan Relief to help orphans whose parents have been executed for practicing their traditional religion by the occupying Chinese Communists and The Tsunami orphans. We hope you will join us in this celebration dedicated to the love of God, beauty and personal freedom.

"God's View"
"The Twelfth Healer"
Blessed Midnight Angel
"Tosha Goes Home"

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All proceeds go to Galactica Relief Fund


   Ms. Meunier has been showing her work primarily in New York and Los Angeles since 1969. From 1969-1981, Ms. Meunier lived in Manhattan's Greenwich Village practicing and developing her craft. She was at that time a regular exhibitor at the famous New York City Outdoor Art Exhibit. In 1976, with her former partner, Patrick Hummel, they opened the Treehouse Gallery in SOHO. Here they had the opportunity to showcase their sculpture and handmade exotic wood furniture. Both have won awards for excellence. In 1978, they were commissioned to design and sculpt a monument for a deceased woman who had contributed a great deal to the Village community. It stands today on lovely Bethune Street near the Westbeth Artists Community in Manhattan.
   In 1980, Ms. Meunier moved to Los Angeles and began showing her work at the Inner Works Gallery. After moving back east in 1982, and settling in the Berkshires, Ms. Meunier became a regular artist for several years at the Gallery in Mill River. She has not had a show in several years, and this benefit will contain pieces that span the last fifteen years, with the most recent piece done in September.
   Dealing both in representational and abstract pieces, Ms. Meunier shows her wide range of versatility and style. Whether it be hardwoods and fruitwoods from her farm in Richmond, or exotic woods from darkest Africa, each piece has a life and charm all its own. Her visionary paintings show the spiritual side of her nature, and her commitment to love and beauty.


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