is a practicing psychotherapist, author, lecturer, and film maker. Since childhood. she has also been a gifted intuitive healer. In 1980, while on a filmmaking assignment in Egypt, Santi experienced an unexpected and transformative experience in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which radically altered the course of her life.
An avid student of yoga since her teens, Santi studied for 10 years with the Swiss yoga master, Elisabeth Haitch and in 1990 graduated from the Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy in Massachusetts. Santi received her Master's Degree in Psychology from Norwich University and her Doctorate from Madison University, graduating summa cum laude. She also holds additional certifications in both hypnotherapy and yoga therapy, a specialized system of deep trauma release. In her private psychotherapy practice Santi uses a holistic approach, treating the mind, body, and spirit. She specializes in personal transformation, as well as optimizing relationships in the family and workplace. Santi is a personal development counselor, working both with individuals and corporations helping them to discover and fulfill their true mission. She offers workshops as well as week long intensive retreats focusing on Practical Spirituality for Fearless Living and The Seven Steps for Overcoming Our Fears based on her spiritual autobiography, “The Obsidian Trials”. Santi is the author of 4 inspirational books, as well as, a documentary film on the spiritual experiences of children with cancer. For more information on Santi's work visit www.SantiMeunier.com

Christopher was born and raised in the Boston area, where he attended private schools until the age of 18. Originally headed for the priesthood, he followed his interest in the field of human potential on an extensive search that took him across North America and Europe, including studies in Switzerland and Spain. During the 1970's, Chris was among the first to call attention to the importance of stress management for health and personal development. In 1975 he was awarded a grant by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to study the effects of stress management training in organizations. Chris has lectured extensively on the topic of personal development to audiences around the country. He instructed faculty of the Psychology Department at the Harvard University School of Medicine and was a guest faculty member for several years at the Institute for Physical Fitness in Lenox, MA. In his unique program for stress management and success motivation, Chris has instructed thousands of people from all walks of life, from show business celebrities to prison inmates. An overview of some of Chris's past certifications would include;
Associate member of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, certified hypnotherapist. Hospice volunteer, Emergency Medical Technician, Private Pilot and 2d degree brown belt in classical Okinawan karate. Chris has had a successful career in sales and sales leadership.


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